Make Your Trade Show Marketing Powerful … Using Proven Design Techniques

While preparing your trade show marketing message for banner stands and booth displays you might want to consider some of these creative ways to get your message seen, read and even talked about. The success of your trade show message depends on a fast and powerful message delivery.

Here's a good message headline with bullets highlighting facts to support the headline
Here’s a good design message. Big headline with bullets highlighting facts to support the value headline

Text and formatting on banner stands and other trade show displays are critical pieces to the trade show display puzzle. Your viewers need a large, crisp font making it easy to read. Craft your marketing message to only interrupt the type of prospect you want. Cluttered cramped information is sure to detract from that objective.

You have about 3-5 seconds to get someone interested in your product or service before they walk on to the next booth. What works at getting someone’s attention quickly? Here are some ideas you should discuss with your creative team.

The photo here shows a powerful message that is sure to get the attention of doctors and medical staff.

5 Design Factors to Help Generate a Powerful Message For Your Trade Show Booth Design  & Promotion

1. The Shock Factor
The shock factor is used as an interrupt, a way to grab a visitors attention instantly. The shock factor can be used in many different varieties such as something weird or out of the ordinary that steers completely off topic but relates to the product or service. This marketing tool has been used by many different marketing industries from TV to the local newspaper adverts.

2. Funny Humor
Humor can be utilized as a great marketing tool by using it to make a connection with your visitors. And everyone loves to smile! Here are some great examples of humor used in advertising.

3. Size Color
This we see all the time in trade show exhibit kits  designed where there is a constant barrage of sizes and color variations in booth displays when one company tries to out shine their competition.

4. LED Lighted Displays or Human Interaction
This can be as simple as a large Blaze Light Box Sign or you can have person pushing interest with a product by demonstration or fun activities like getting visitors to shoot a basketball or putt in a golf ball for a prize.

5. Value Offering
This is demonstrated on the photo above. Providing information on the problem that you solve or the benefit that you offer to the marketplace followed by quantifiable facts, measurable comparisons and detailed descriptions. This promotes out your credibility to prospects. Offering something they believe they must have or at least are compelled to investigate more.

When you’re looking for a new way to show your products value, ask your customers why they buy from you before you end the phone call about their invoice. Your message should emphasize the value of the product or service you’re offering as seen by an ideal prospect. Ponder what would make your visitors say “Oh I do need that .. I should gather information at their booth.”


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