Tradeshow Mistake … Turning Your Cash Into Trash


A successful trade show is always directly connected to advanced preparation. Meet with all the individuals that have been assigned to work your trade show and brainstorm. Put something together that will accurately represent your company values and interest visitors. A few of the more common mistakes that deserve your consideration include the following:

Turning Your Cash Into Trash 

One of the biggest mistakes that is often made at trade shows is relying too much on marketing material handouts. These are blindly handed to everyone at the show, what a waste of money. Visitors are overwhelmed with bags full of marketing materials that end up in the trash. It is easy to see why this can be a costly problem. Not interacting enough with the people that visit your booth will make your marketing materials a wasted expense. Make sure that your people are doing what they can to engage visitors first; speaking to each and every person that visits your booth.

Getting visitors contact information whenever possible is key. Make it a goal to make a personal connection with every person that visits your booth. Avoid selling too much, instead ask personal questions and show interest in the individual and their needs. Write their problem and your solution on the marketing materials you hand them. Circle what applies to them. Put your personal name on it so they remember you. You are much more likely to create a lasting impression which will improve your ROI with marketing handouts.

Multi-Media Not Accompanying Your Booth 

Another huge problem when preparing for a trade show is to overlook the importance of using audio and video media as part of your booth set-up. In general, having a boring booth with a few pamphlets and basic information is not going make a big impression, except on emptying your wallet. Brainstorm with your marketing team . Come up with ideas that are going to allow you to connect with people. Catch their eyes and ears as they pass your booth. The media that you make available will be the most memorable parts of your booth. For example, have a video that explains your business and your products; engaging individuals will help them remember your business and hopefully start a long term business relationship.

Playing It Too Safe 

Another thing that you should avoid is playing it too safe. No one likes a boring trade show booth, and playing it safe usually leads to a boring booth. Playing it safe means that you are not doing enough to distinguish your booth from the your competition. Do not be afraid of pushing the envelope. Create something outrageous, something super fun or something of real genuine value. Do a free high-value giveaway or run a contest for something really valuable. Take advantage of every single opportunity that is afforded to you; being different generally mean greater success.

Avoid these common mistakes and take the tips into account for your upcoming trade shows to ensure that you get the best return for your business.






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