Trade Show Marketing – Networking and Putting Your Company On Display


You are attending your first tradeshow and are a bit nervous about representing your company? This is a common concern for many business owners and employees; especially when attending their first trade show. It is important that you be well prepared for the show. Have a good idea of exactly what you are attempting to accomplish and have all of the supplies that will be required in order to make a positive impression with everyone that visits you.

Tradeshow marketing can be a highly effective marketing strategy for businesses allowing them to connect with other businesses within their industry and to meet new customers. An opportunity to make a positive impression with your brand if you consider these few topics during the  planning phase.

Proper Marketing Displays

Trade shows present you with a very important opportunity to further the branding of your company.  Done right you can make a solid first impression with those that have not yet heard of you. Having the proper displays around your booth should be a key consideration. A nice professional display will help in making the right first impression. Make sure that your displays contain your logo and are consistent with the branding and image of your company.  Always be sure you are using high-quality displays that leave a good impression.   You can utilize the space   on these displays to market your products, familiarize people with your company and help to further your brand identity.

Literature To Hand Out

tradeshowTake into consideration that people are going to be speaking to dozens of different businesses when they attend a trade show. Unless you are able to really stand out in their minds they likely are not going to be able to remember your company. To separate yourself from the crowd and leave a valuable impression is where marketing materials come into play.  Literature and handouts can play a key role in helping to separate your company from the crowd.

Instead of just handing out a business card and letting people walk by try and engage visitors.  More advanced promotional items such as booklets, product information sheets and other promotional items can help you accomplish this.  By going the extra mile you will make a positive impression with potential customers and improve business networking connections too.

Being Social and Friendly Goes a Long Way Towards Your Success

Make sure that you are going out of your way to speak with people during the event.  Too often you will see a company that opens their booth and just sits there waiting for people to come talk to them without proactively seeking an audience. Don’t let that be said about you.  Be as social as possible by bringing your most outgoing employees with you. This will allow you to get into contact with more people throughout the event. This will give you a better chance of establishing worthwhile connections with customers; and also with other businesses within your industry that could benefit you in the future.

Tradeshows present a unique opportunity for businesses to establish their brand. You can make a positive first impression with potential customers and clients. You can make connections within your industry that you may not normally have access to.  By making sure that you are prepared going into the event with the proper displays, innovative literature to hand out and an outgoing team of employees that is inspired to promote your business your success is much more likely.

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