Information to Help Secure Sales & Improve Brand Recognition At Trade Shows!

trade-showsTrade shows are ideal to improve your outlook and your sales regardless of the genre of your business.  A well designed trade show booth with accessories and good salesmanship will help maximize your ROI.

Trade shows are available all across the country throughout the year. Each offers a unique opportunity for you to promote, market and enhance your business. What’s even more exciting is that trade shows also provide the opportunity for you to take an in-depth look at your competition, stay atop of business trends, solidify current relationships and create new ones.

Trade shows are important to maintain and to improve your industry foot print. Before you attend your next trade show here are a few things that you may want to consider to maximize your results.

Prior to the show plan a specific and powerful call to action for your current and potential clients. You also want to be sure you have some marketing strategies and literature on hand that will engage potential customers and even initiate onsite sales.

Marketing strategies are vital and having a high quality, vibrant trade show booth is also important. This is what is going to make the first impression on your customers. It needs to be eye catching, easy to read and understand with well designed graphics highlighting your specific company advantages. With innovative graphics and a good message you can engage your prospects and customers from a distance, encouraging them to come visit your booth.

You will want to make sure that your booth is well lit. Lighting fixtures appropriate for your venue, your booth and promotional branding materials are a must. These are readily available as accessories for pop up displays or even custom created trade show booths. Take advantage of trade show accessories at every opportunity to enhance your trade show booth. You don’t want to overdo it, but having the right combination of stands, brochures, flags, banners and more you can really create an exciting atmosphere. A properly set up professional trade show booth will dramatically enhance your success at the show.

Embrace some new and unique tradeshow ideas because these will create a buzz about you and your business. Have a live musician playing or a blackjack dealer to play cards, a basketball hoop or small putting green. Be creative because when everyone is talking about your booth people are compelled to come and see for themselves.

Have quality freebies to give away. By giving away simple items that people perceive as expensive speaks volumes about you and your business without saying a word. These promotional items will also be seen by other people … increasing the most tried and true marketing strategy in the world; word of mouth. Marketing cannot be stressed enough when it comes to trade shows. This is an ideal opportunity for you to improve your brand awareness and recognition to help cultivate new clientele. For this reason, have promotional products available that you can give away to potential customers.

Finally be sure that every staff member is well-spoken and a professional representative of your company. Ensure that as you generate new leads you follow-up quickly to enhance your success and hopefully even garner some new sales right from the show.





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  1. adinfinitumcorporate Avatar

    Great ideas to keep in mind when creating a fresh new booth for the coming year.

    I would also suggest that when choosing your promotional products rather than hunting online for the cheapest supplier, you work with a professional who can suggest items that will carry through the theme that your booth designers and fabricators have created for you. Any good promotional products consultant should ask you several questions be able to help you find the perfect item to meet your needs within your budget. As we always tell our clients – The coolest item in the world is just thrown out money if it does not convey your marketing message.

    1. Trade Show Supplier Avatar

      Hello Adinfintum,

      You visited the tradeshow-supplier blog and posted a comment back in January.

      Would like to write an article about trade shows and the promotional products industry? Make it helpful with links to appropriate content and we would be happy to add it to the site with your credentials and contact information. Please reply if this is of interest to you.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting on the tradeshow-supplier blog.

      Regards, John Webber
      NHB Internet Services, LLC

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