Outdoor Lightbox Signs Ideal To Enhance Your Business Exposure

Outdoor LightboxWhether you have a small business that just wants to get noticed or you are promoting at a large trade show convention, you can easily take advantage of an extensive variety of outdoor lighted signs and banners to get you and your business noticed.

There are many different options available, you can utilize graphic light box signs that have been built to last for many years. These have been created from the highest quality aluminum, and are professionally welded, with solar grade polycarbonate faces and UL listed wiring.

The single-sided lighted cabinets hang on any wall or flat surface, whereas the double faceted cabinets are ideal for pole mounting, brick enclosures, street signage and monuments.

There are a variety of features for the lighbox signs … including dusk to dawn sensors, powder coated paint colors, full color printing, backlighting and shutoff switches.

These light box signs are ideal for all types of businesses, including restaurants, municipalities, schools, churches, hospitals, strip malls, etc. All of these outdoor light box signs come with an industry-leading lifetime warranty on all faces and a two-year electrical warranty on all of the wiring.

Crafted from the highest quality aluminum they will never rust. The corners are highly sophisticated and finished, making for solid construction. Each one of these signs can easily withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour, and the solar grade polycarbonate faces ensure that your sign graphics are completely protected from sun bleaching and are warp resistant.

Each of the signs’ graphics are printed on high-quality materials like Duratran and 3M vinyl, providing unsurpassed durability and an excellent look. Each lightbox sign comes with standard size bulbs that can be purchased at your local hardware store for easy replacement. This helps to ensure that your business looks professional at all times, no worrying about having to pre-order replacement parts when they are readily available locally.

Internal sign access is tamper resistant, all wiring is UL listed and wired for 120 volts. In addition these signs are completely recyclable, making them that much more environmentally friendly. The lighbox signs come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can easily select which color would suit your needs. Each one comes with an access retainer on the side, but it may be placed in a different location if required. You have the option of a flat sign face or a bubble face.

Lightbox mounting hardware is safe and secure, because every sign is available with an external corner bracket along with internal corner gussets depending on preference and need. These may be produced as clear signs or solar grade poly-carbonate sign faces, depending on your specific needs. With these options, you can easily change your graphics with ease, or take advantage of signage that will last for many years without fading or warping.

Whether you want a short-term graphic or a permanent sign, these lightbox signs provide you the opportunity to use them either way, capturing the attention of passersby for your business.


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