First Time Trade Show Exhibitors – How To Choose A Trade Show Booth or Display To Meet Your Needs and Budget

First Time Trade Show Exhibitors – How To Choose A Trade Show Booth or Display To Meet Your Needs and Budget

There is a large variety of trade show signage on the market today. Trade show signage options include simple table top displays and banner stands, back wall displays, pop-up booths, tension fabric displays, modular displays, truss system displays, hanging banners, back lit lighted trade show displays, customized booth design and production. Such a large selection makes choosing the right type of booth seem like a daunting process.

This article will help you to focus and narrow down your selection to help you get the trade show booth that will best impress your visitors while still meeting your specific budget requirements.Trade show popup backwall booth displays

Perhaps you’re considering this trade show as an annual event that you will be a part of for years to come? We recommend if it’s your first trade show you plan and expense this as a one time event. It’s better to have the true experience and the calculated return-on-investment before you start committing larger resources to being an annual exhibitor.

Trade Show Booth Display Costs and Budgeting – How Do You Choose From Such a Wide Variety of Product Offerings?

The most important criteria to consider is budget. How much money do you really have to work with? Remember there are other expenses associated with being an exhibitor. Expenses like travel and lodging, promotional materials, graphic design services, tradeshow fees, etc. So the first step is to fully determine the overall cost to you as an exhibitor. After deducting all these expenses from your budget; how much money do you have left to really spend on the booth or exhibit itself?

Now with your budget in mind you’re ready to do some shopping. If this is your first trade show or business expo we recommend that you work with several trade show exhibit companies. Start by finding information online. Select a few stand out companies you find and Call Them on The Phone. How easy are they to reach? How responsive are they? Ask lots of company questions … what are their turn-times, art requirements, graphic design assistance in proofing, shipping costs, etc? These questions should also be asked in e-mail so you have something in writing to refer to later.

Each company will help direct you in the decision making process. They will not charge you for their consulting services. They are compensated only if you purchase from them. So they are happy to offer insights to help you see the value of their offerings. Again we recommend working with several different trade show supplier companies so you can compare and contrast the ideas, the costs and the services offered.

Following these suggestions and recommendations should help you choose the trade show booth or display to meet your needs and budget. Please tell us how you liked this article.


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