Preparation In the Days Leading Up To Your Big Trade Show

uno_monster_2As the person delegated with running the tradeshow booth for a small boutique where she worked, Jenny knew that she was going to have a lot on her plate in the days leading up to the tradeshow. With so many different aspects of the tradeshow to think about, she started by making a list of all of the different goals that she wanted to accomplish at the tradeshow, and the materials that she would need to help her to do so effectively. By preparing early, and getting ahead of the game, Jenny was able to put together an excellent tradeshow booth that brought in new clients to the boutique and helped her to gain the favor of her bosses. Jenny was able to run a successful tradeshow booth by sticking to the following principles;

Get All Materials Together Early

Of course, no one wants to be running around at the last minute attempting to get all of the necessary materials together for the tradeshow. Jenny knew that her best chance at success was to have all of the materials ordered weeks in advance, and to be completely prepared with the displays and all of the marketing materials weeks in advance. In doing so, it also gave her the opportunity to come up with some creative marketing methods for the boutique in the spare time she had thanks to her early preparation. When running a tradeshow booth, it is best to be completely prepared weeks in advance so you are not running around at the last minute trying to finalize your marketing materials.

Know Who You Are Taking Weeks In Advance

Along with the materials, Jenny also wanted to make sure that she had a team in place to help her to get things ready. Instead of waiting around and asking them in the days before the tradeshow, Jenny was proactive about getting a team together weeks in advance. This insured that she was able to take their suggestions into consideration, find replacements if something came up for one of their attendees, and allowed her to be flexible with the planning. By choosing the people that you are going to be taking with you weeks in advance, you give yourself additional time to deal with unforeseen circumstances and to find replacement should anything arise. Make sure that you are taking people that have ideal social skills, and will be able to positively interact with the individuals that the tradeshow.

Go the Extra Mile

The one consistent theme in Jenny’s preparation was the fact that she was willing to be prepared weeks in advance. This gave her additional time to come up with new, innovative marketing strategies, draft some new marketing materials and to come up with an interesting presentations that would help the company sell their services. Going the extra mile allows you to separate yourself from the competition and really stand out at a tradeshow, giving you a much better chance of being successful in the end. By going the extra mile you will be able to secure solid first impressions with those that come across your booth, and leave the tradeshow knowing that you have done well.





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