Personnel Attitudes and Demeanor at The Trade Show

It was 9:30 on Thursday morning the tradeshow show was already a buzz with visitors, Samuel still had yet to arrive. He didn’t answer his cell phone or reply to text messages till just a few minutes before arriving. He shows up with a headache, bloodshot eyes and huge cup of coffee. He had been out on the town with a few colleagues till early morning hours.


He had no breakfast because he had slept so late. It’s probably not going to be a great day. Samuel is a reflection on your company and his work attitude is surely less than optimal.

A successful tradeshow requires more than just a professional display; the spirit and atmosphere at your display booth is even more critical. To avoid the “Samuel scenario” its best you discuss this with your team members before arriving at the show. It’s so important that the attitude and demeanor of your team be in the right place. Your interactions with visitors can carry you a long way at making the right or the wrong impression, so monitoring the attitude of your personnel is critical. Here are a few items to consider.

1. Be mindful of the personnel you select to attend and work a show that they will represent your company well. Have a curfew in place to insure everyone is well rested and set an expectation of arrival well before the show begins.

2. Be sure everyone working has eaten a nutritious meal before they start.

3. Avoid junk food like high sugar candy and sodas common at tradeshows.  Junk food has been shown to make people moody.

4. Have healthy energy foods like fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables for your team to snack on.

5. Be sure everyone on your team is excited to be there and that they display a positive attitude with every customer they greet.

6. Be caring and sincere with every person you meet, this will help your business success at the show and with follow-up after it.

Just a bit a common sense and lots of good communication with your team will help insure a successful tradeshow experience for you and your team.


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